Fully-Loaded Tofu Tostadas

GUYS. I know you’re already drooling upon seeing these amazing, flavorful, and may I say, GORGEOUS tostadas. I’ve been playing with this recipe for awhile now, and I think I’ve found the perfect balance of spicy, sweet, creamy, and smokey. Try this recipe, and I guarantee it will spice up any Meatless Monday. The bestContinue reading “Fully-Loaded Tofu Tostadas”

Jalapeño Cashew Crema

A dairy-free approach to sour cream with a spicy jalapeño kick. Ingredients – 1 1/4 C soaked raw cashew pieces OR 1 C soaked raw whole cashews DO NOT use roasted cashews here…it might work, but I sure as hell wouldn’t wanna waste my money/perfectly good cashews trying — just sayin! – 2 jalapeños, roastedContinue reading “Jalapeño Cashew Crema”